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Rob L Davidson – aka, me

Welcome to my personal blog site. This is my way of expressing myself online without relying on Facebook, Twitter or any other commercial site.

So, what’s it all about? Here you will find photos, videos, and articles (rants) by me, on quite a varied range of subjects as befits a personal blog.

However, I am a data geek by trade and by nature so there ought to be a data related slant to what I’m posting. That said, I consider the food I eat to be part of the data (nutritional) of my life so you’ll probably see quite a lot of food pictures up here.

Another likely source of blog posts is political spin or nonsense, especially where a government is presenting data in a misleading way. The UK government is terrible for this. I will aim to track down the actual data they have used and then present their soundbite view of the stats in context, pointing out the other sides to their story.

I currently live in Hong Kong but am originally from Scotland, so these two countries (and the other UK countries) ought to feature heavily here. Luckily I get to travel a bit with my current work so there ought to be a bit of a spread, perhaps with south east Asia featuring more strongly.

All comments welcome.

Rob Les Davidson (R L D)

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